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Relax your mind & body

Townsville's first float centre - newly renovated.

Townsville Float Centre

Float therapy is focused on achieving ultimate health for both mind & body. It involves laying in a private oversized bath, filled with shallow water & 450kgs of Epsom Salt. As you lay down the water supports your body, allowing you to physically relax. The solution is heated to skin temperature, creating a sensation that you are floating on air - the perfect place to escape the world. You feel warm and weightless. Your mind has slowed, as your body relaxes - relieving any tension. You drift to a state - you aren't awake, but you aren't asleep either. It is complete relaxation, complete rest for mind and body. Welcome to float therapy. Come and escape with us...


Why float with us?

Townsville Float Centre has been our passion since opening our doors in 2015. Whether you come to us looking for physical or mental relief, sports performance or recovery or just to escape the world our goal is to help. The impact of float therapy is to make your life easier, by reducing stress and aches and pains. In June 2021 we reopened after adding a new room and Open Float Pool, bringing back our love of floating in a beautiful new space.

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