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The big question! Float therapy is focused on achieving ultimate health for both mind & body.  It involves laying in a private oversized bath, filled with shallow water & 450kgs of Epsom Salt. As you lay down the water supports your body, allowing you to physically relax. The solution is heated to skin temperature, creating a sensation you are floating in air. You are free from gravity and completely relaxed. You will feel as if you are floating on a cloud, weightless yet supported.

There have been a wide range of proven benefits of floating - achieved by eliminating stress on both mind and body while floating. The after effects of floating will have you sleeping better, feeling less pain and being more relaxed.

What is Float Therapy?

What you need to know!

Want to come and escape with us? There are a tips to help you get the most out of your float!

- Drink plenty of water

- Allow enough time so you arrive relaxed & ready to float

- Eat a light meal 1.5 hours before your float
- Float naked - this is the best way to float but if you prefer swimmers just bring them along!


- Shave or wax less than 3 days before your appointment

- Colour your hair less than 14 days before your appointment
- Apply tan less than a week before your appointment

- Drink coffee or smoke directly before your appointment


We provide everything you will need for your float! Towels, Ear Plugs, Body wash, Shampoo & conditioner

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