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Naked & spinning through space and time

I love the sensory deprivation float tank!!

I didn’t think I would.

Being shut in a dark space for an hour alone with my thoughts?!

Not today, Satan!!

But I was also desperate to find something that would help my anxiety and stress levels. I did some research on it and some of the benefits include: reducing anxiety, PTSD and depression, assists with sleep disorders (1 hour in the tank equals 4 hours of sleep), increased mental clarity, relaxation, mediative state, helps with muscle tension and chronic pain, reduces cortisol levels and releases endorphins. So why not try it!!

So I gave it a go and now I’m a regular float-er at the Townsville Float Centre!!

How it works is you arrive for your appointment and are greeted by the lovely Stacee or her equally lovely husband Aaron. This is a home based family business and provides a relaxing private experience. Towels, face washers and earplugs are provided. Once you are comfortable Stacee leaves you be and you have the downstairs to yourself.

First step on the agenda is to have a shower. The float tank water is completely filtered between each client and the solution in the tank does not allow bacteria to grow so germophobes never fear. The float room is lit with a salt lamp and is quite ambient. Pop in the earplugs and into the tank you go. I like to tuck the face washer into the handle of the float tank to use if you get an itchy face. You do not want salt in your eyes! We are talking 350kg of salts people! You now have 1 hour to yourself in the float tank.

Inside the tank there are switches for relaxing music which you can turn on or off, light which you can turn on or off and the float tank lid which you can leave open or closed. You also have the choice to wear swimmers or wear nothing at all. Personally I put the music on, lights off, lid shut and no swimmers so I get the full experience. Then you settle in and lie down in the salt tank. You float and the water is body temperature so you feel weightless and it feels like you are spinning through space and time. I’ve often blinked and I’m unsure if I’m awake or asleep or what dimension I am currently in. It sets your brain into a half awake half dream meditative peaceful state. You lose track of time. It is almost indescribable so I suggest you try it for yourself!!

When your hour is over the light softly starts blinking on and off. Then it’s the hard part. It’s like waking from the deepest most peaceful sleep. Then it’s off to the shower again to wash off all the salt and get changed. Stacee meets you again and offers you a glass of water and you can rehash your experience.

Your brain is completely at peace and this feeling lasts me a few days. A massage or other self-care options just don’t have the long lasting effect that a float tank does.

I highly recommend checking out Townsville Float Centres Facebook page and booking in an appointment so that you can start living your best life.

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