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Our Tanks!

Lots of research went into deciding on float tanks for Townsville Float Centre. Ultimately, we decided to bring two different float experience to our float family!

new wave.png
new wave.png

Our Float tank is the classic floating experience. With a light and sound proof door - once you jump in the outside world disappears. You will swiftly drift off to total relaxation and zero gravity. With intank heating you will maintain perfect body temperature and have the truest float.

new wave.png

The float pool is the first of its kind in Townsville! This open pool is great for anyone with reduced mobility or worried about claustrophobia. With an open top it is just like being in a private pool (with lots of salt). The room is darkened to help you relax, and with inbuilt heaters the water will stay perfectly heated to body temperature.


Couple Floats

Want to float with your best friend or partner? There are two ways this can be done at Townsville Float Centre. Book two tanks at the same time slot and float in different tanks OR book our open float tank! This oversized tank can fit two people and you can share the experience together!

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